With a pinch of liver!
Spend your time fighting off vast hordes of pesky humans as they interfere with your magical potion brewing. Craft potions with disgustingly cool ingredients and chuck them on the enemies down below! Be careful tho, they will stop at nothing to make sure you are burned as a heretical shapeshifter at the stake!


Made in 72-hours for the Ludum Dare Jam by Mathias "Simex", Henrik "Hengen" and Trym "HelloMyNameIsPig"

Unity 5
and good old notepad


You select what ingredients you want to use in your brew from the menu on the right, different tier minions drop different types of ingredients.

Click 'Brew' to brew a potion, and a sound cue will play if you are successful.

Select the type of potion you want to throw from the menu on the right, after that just aim by moving the cursor on the game screen and click to throw.

For more info on the recipes, click the '?' next to the brew button (this is also where the options are located).


Some sounds were sourced and can be found here, keep this in mind when judging the Audio:

Main Backgournd Music:

Glass break:


Tower Dmg:

All other sound were made with our trusty headset microphone.

This was our first ludum dare and we had a blast, hope you enjoy it as well, remember to write what wave you reached and to judge fairly.

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